Warranty assures the purchaser that should a defect in material or workmanship occur during the warranty period, Harper Industries, Inc. (hereafter HII) will assume specific repair responsibilities, as listed in the Warranty Statements for each whole good.

Both dealer and manufacturer are engaged in a partnership to build customer satisfaction through excellent service to the retail customer. This Warranty Policy is designed to reflect fairness to all parties so that claims can be handled as efficiently and economically as possible.

WARRANTY Details: -
Warranty Validation

The warranty registration card that accompanies all whole goods must be filled out within ten (10) days of the original retail purchase date and returned to HII to validate warranty.


Warranty is only extended to the original retail purchaser of any HII product. HII products that fail as a result of misuse, negligence or accidents will not be covered by warranty.

Warranty procedure

Contact the HII Service Department and follow the Returned Goods / Warranty Procedure whenever there is a warranty claim and/or parts need to be returned to the factory.

Replacement Parts

All parts replaced under warranty will be credited to the dealer’s account at net cost after the defective parts are received by HII for inspection. If the defective parts are not requested by HII, the replacement parts will be sent at no charge.

Labor Allowance
(where applicable)

Labor will be paid at the dealer’s posted labor rate as registered with the HII Service Department. Posted labor rates must be consistent with local labor rates of competitors and/or other similar equipment dealers. A labor rate of $25.00 will be used if no rate has been registered.

Labor Rate Registration

To register a labor rate, the dealer must present photocopies of three actual invoices that show labor rate for a non-warranty job. Dealers may request an increase in labor rate only once during a calendar year, and by following the same procedure as for initial registration (three current invoices).

Repair Time

HII reserves the right to adjust repair times submitted on warranty claims based on average times needed to do a specific job.

Travel Allowance
(where applicable)

In the event that an HII product cannot be delivered to the dealership for service, HII will reimburse for travel expenses at the rate of $20.00 per hour of travel time.

Freight Charges: Replacement Parts

HII will cover UPS Ground freight charges for warranted parts sent from the factory. Freight will initially be charged to the dealers account if defective parts need to be returned to HII. Credit will be given as soon as defective parts are inspected. Freight will not be charged to the dealer’s account if no defective parts are requested. HII will not cover the cost of expedited orders (UPS Red, etc.).

Return of Defective Parts

The dealer is responsible for returning defective parts to the factory, when requested. HII delivery trucks may be used at no charge. However, special arrangements should be made with the Service Department to avoid late fees when coordinating shipment.

Factory Updates

HII will pay for the return of parts that are changed out as a result of a factory update, and not classified as typical warranty. Contact the HII Service Department for instructions on shipping.

Shipping Errors

HII will pay for the return of any item sent as a result of an error on its part. Contact the HII Service Department for instructions on shipping.

Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins will be sent out whenever changes need to be made to the design of an HII product in the field, or to address a specific service issue. Instructions will be given about labor, travel and parts required.

Restocking Fee

HII will charge 15% of dealer’s net cost for parts that are returned to the factory for credit.

Late Fee / Nullification
of Warranty Claim

Warranty Claims must be completed and returned to HII within 60 days from when a service job under warranty is done. If a claim is received after the 60-day period, a late fee of 10% will be assessed to the credit. Claims that are not received within 120 days may be nullified.


HII will not handle warranty claims on engines. All warranty claims on engines should be referred to an authorized service provider of the engine manufacturer.